Integrated Community Health Service

Service Purpose

Striving for holistic health, the Integrated Community Health Service (“ICHS”) aims at enhancing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and fostering family harmony and wellness through community-based services. 


Target Audience
Our scope of services includes all members of the community, families and groups, providing them with primary healthcare services focusing on people’s needs in the community along the continuum from health promotion and disease prevention to treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. There is a growing awareness on health management, rapid ageing population and the overloaded public healthcare system. In view of this, the Organization was dedicated to developing services related to community health to respond to the social needs.


  1. The Jockey Club Kwai Wah Health and Wellbeing Centre
    In the year 2021, the ICHS started to establish Jockey Club Kwai Wah Health and Wellbeing Centre to develop six domains of Healthy Ageing services:
    Cognitive: Aging technologies (such as VR reality training and self-measurement devices)
    。Locomotor: Exercise classes, fitness services, and physiotherapy
    。Vitality: Professional nutritionist assessment and treatment
    Hearing: Speech therapy services
    。Vision: Optometry services
    。Psychological: Social groups and self-healing empowerment groups
  2. Community Health Integrated Services Centre (CHISC)
    H.K.S.K.H. Lady MacLehose Community Pharmacy (Located within The Jockey Club Kwai Wah Health and Wellbeing Centre)
    Dental healthcare
    Caring optometric service
  3. Community Health Promotion Service Department
    Jockey Club Cancer Survivorship Care Project
    Jockey Club Empowerment-based Transitional Care Project
    Jockey Club Confront Pain With Ease Project
    Jockey Club Community eHealth Care Project (Final Phase)

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